About Us

Freehold Area Open Door, Inc. (Open Door) is a non-profit 501(c3) interfaith agency that provides emergency food, emergency funding, mentoring and scholarships to those in need from the Freehold area. It is administered by a 16 member volunteer Board of Trustees, 2 part-time salaried employees and over 150 volunteers. Open Door provides the following 4 programs: a Food Pantry Program,  an Emergency Funding/Advocacy Program, an After School Program and a Scholarship Program.

Our Mission
"In order to affirm the God-given dignity of all individuals, Open Door seeks to aid all the greater Freehold area residents in need to achieve their goals of self-sufficiency." 

Director: Jeanne Yaecker, CVA
Advocacy Program Director: Kathy Mueller

Our History 
Open Door was founded in 1970 as a joint mission effort of several local congregations providing clothing. In 1987, Open Door changed into a food pantry based on the increasing problem of hunger. Since 1987, Open Door has initiated 3 additional programs to meet the growing needs.

Who We Serve
Any person who receives public assistance [General Assistance (GA), Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), Food Stamps, Women, Infants and Children (WIC)] is eligible for food assistance at Open Door. If the client receives no public assistance and is employed, we refer to the USDA income eligibility chart published by the Federal Register to determine the amount of food to be given. Residency in our service area is documented. Elderly, persons with disabilities and people who are unemployed are also served.

Open Door Pantry
Any person may walk into Open Door and apply for food assistance. Clients must show identification with their name and address to determine their eligibility based on residence. Families with children will be asked to provide copies of birth certificates or Medicaid ID to verify family composition. Information about family composition, income, rent, food stamp eligibility and other expenses will be requested. A permanent file is maintained for each individual or household. In addition to providing food, our pantry volunteers may suggest that the client seek assistance from other resources. 

Open Door Emergency Assistance and Advocacy Program
People who qualify for the above pantry eligibility may be considered for this emergency program. Information and monetary assistance to prevent eviction or utility cutoff, or payment of medical bills are considered. Assistance is limited to one time each year.